Translation agency Blanco

Our company

The translation agency Blanco GmbH was founded by Carlos Blanco, M.B.A. in Maintal, a town near Frankfurt, in 1994. Mr. Blanco studied languages and business administration in Mainz andFrankfurt. Since 1990 Mr. Blanco has been working as a translator atcourts and with the local police.

Since the foundation of this company it has been its main aim to achieve high quality translations in as many languages and specialized areas as possible.

The selection process of its employees is very rigid and strict. All translators employed by the company have to go through a screening where it is determined if they possess the appropriate qualifications to carry out translation work.

The most important criteria that all the translators have to fulfill is that they command in depth knowledge of the language (branch) and have had several years of work experience as translators.

At present the company is working with around 1200 free lance translators who are mainly native speakers of one of the languages they work with.

The company currently cooperates with three other translation agencies in the Rhein Main area. This ensures that the company always can complete its orders.

The company covers a wide range of areas in which it can offer specialized translations (law, medicine, technology, economics and especially e-commerce and telecommunication)

For legal translations the company has opened another office in Frankfurt.

Efficient, fast and precise translations is not only a claim made by us but it is also an obligation to us.